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Dynamometer Services

There is a reason why we are called Maryland's most complete dyno facility. Simply put we have more dyno experience and services available than just about anyone out there.

Our state of the art engine dyno room can suit all types. Using our SuperFlow SF-902 we can tweak out every bit of performance for your application without ever having to see your vehicle.

We also have one of the highest horsepower capable 2WD dynos in the world. This dyno is able to read up to 2500 hp, but that's not to say we cant max it out! Check out some high horsepower videos until you feel the need to call or come in and schedule your own custom tune!

The three images on the left show a pontiac 455 before and after a custom cam install and tune while using our engine dyno.

Engine Dyno

With our full range of services you can choose whether to have your engine built and tuned here or if you prefer to do it yourself we are more than happy to break it in on the dyno. The dyno allows us to check for any leaks or possible errors before you spend major time and money installing and troubleshooting. From mild to wild we do it all! Feel free to call us for information on our very competitive dyno rates at (301)-371-8883. Remember; do it right, do it once!

Chassis Dyno

Our chassis dyno is available for anything from straight horsepower test runs to full out custom tunes on your street rod or race vehicle. FAST, SCT, HP Tuners, Big Stuff and Motec are just a few of the many tuning solutions we are capable of. We tune not only for performance but also fuel efficiency, driveability and will have you back on the road with multiple maps for multiple driving conditions or fuels.

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Engine Dyno Video